For a perfect figure without compromise - meet SPM

Successive vacuum massage (SPM) primarily serves to crush and treat all stages of cellulite. This method is intended for women who are determined to have their beauty shine in full splendor.


SPM device for successive massage achieves amazing results in improving physical appearance. Fat deposits are removed from hips, legs, arms, stomach and other specific parts of the body depending on the decision of the customer. After one treatment the circumference of the treated area is reduced by as much as 1.5 cm. Also, the SPM improves peripheral circulation and thus helps women who are prone to fluid retention (swelling) to effectively stop this phenomenon after only 3-4 treatments.


Uncompromising results are achieved by SPM in a way that it breaks down fat cells, eliminates the creation of cellulite, stimulates circulation and boosts lymphatic drainage. At the same time, this method is extremely effective in reducing stretch marks and lifting the buttocks. The whole procedure is done with Weyergans devices which are exclusively operated by highly qualified people in order to improve and preserve health and physical appearance.


In order to achieve the desired treatment results, apart from coming to the treatments it is necessary to drink more fluids and reduce salt intake. The treatment lasts about an hour and can be repeated every day until the desired figure is achieved.


Successive vacuum massage is an ideal way to quickly lose excess weight in critical areas with a lasting effect.


Successive vacuum massage is effective for: