Antiageing Academy


Medica Aesthetica is the founder of "Antiageing Academy of Serbia." Active participation of the company in the Academy, in addition to the regular and constant cooperation aiming to achieve its professional performance, is reflected in the organization of continuing medical education and logistical support. At the academy, there are three levels of education - basic, advanced and professional. After completing the education, participants of the courses remain in constant contact with the company and the professional team at the helm through the "e-learning" educational system.

This allows all educated doctors to continue to educate, improve and advance in their work. It also enables them to continue to participate in the development and actively follow new world trends in the field of cosmetic surgery, dentistry and dermatology. There is also an extensive network of sales representatives who visit cosmetic surgery centers, and actively participate in their development through the presentation, the introduction of new brands and products, and references to them.

Antiageing Academy also organizes individual courses that provide the required level of training and expertise, among other things, for the use of fillers, mesotherapy cocktail therapy, Botox therapy and chemical peels.

Until now, Antiageing Academy has educated more than three hundred doctors from all the countries in the region, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia.