Dear Colleagues,

Respecting the highest standards and our own vision, Center for Education Medica Aesthetica cooperates with the most renowned companies and the names of aesthetic medicine, professors and doctors, as well as proven companies in the country and abroad. Our position slogan ‘TEAM  OF DOCTORS FOR YOU’ obligates us, because we have the expertise, knowledge and profiled corporate advantages.

Learning from the best we have learned to pass on our knowledge to others, and give them insight into the secrets of the prestigious branches of medicine, aesthetic medicine. A congress recently held in the field of cosmetic medicine and anti-ageing brought together leading names in the country and the world.

One of the speakers was Professor Jacques Le Coz whose lecture "lipolytic lipoma treatment" and demonstration of clinical skills on patients drew great attention of experts. We are proud to cooperate with prof. Le Coz and we recommend you to visit his center in Paris in order to get a significant discount with our recommendation. This is the best confirmation of successful cooperation between the Centre in Paris by Prof. Le Coz and at the same time his recommendations for education in our Centre Medica Aesthetica in which we trained over 300 doctors from our country and some European cities.

We wish you a successful education and a safe way to new knowledge.

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