Sales and Distribution


Medica Aesthetica is a company that distributes medical supplies and equipment in the field of aesthetic medicine. The company Medica Aesthetica, with its team of doctors, conceived its work as the active cooperation and interaction with the end user - the patient, and the cooperation of all doctors in the field of services provided. That is why the strategy of marketing approach of the company Medica Aesthetica is equally directed towards those users.

Brands in the field of cosmetic surgery, dentistry and dermatology that the company represents are promoted on the regular basis to the professional community in professional journals. In addition to this method of their presentation and the representation, the company Medica Aesthetica actively participates in all congresses of dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, dentists and beauticians where their knowledge, experience and expertise contribute to the popularization of these brands and progress in the fields of medicine in general.

The company is aware of the responsibilities of the brands we represent and makes effort that they are properly positioned in the market and in all mass media (print, electronic, television, radio and other forms of print), which aims to make them closer to the end user.

Medica Aesthetica has developed a network for promotion and sales of products under the brands it represents in all the countries in the region. The support and the relationship with brands is at a high professional level and a few times a year we organize group training classes which are held by eminent foreign doctors and trainers in the field of cosmetic surgery, dentistry and dermatology and are attended by a large number of doctors from all over the region.

The Company strives and succeeds to operate in a market where the primary target are doctors in the field of medicine, that apply hyaluronic fillers, botulinum toxin treatment, etc., and those are dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, and everyone with the title "aesthetic practitioner." The company also maintains regular contact with doctors from the Medical Association of Serbia who are giving great support and help.