With promotional prices, here you can buy outstanding mesotherapy Inno cocktails from branded company from Barcelona, which has a 30 year long tradition.

Innosearch uses knowledge and years of pharmaceutical experience to offer a complete range of innovative and efficient products. At the same time, it provides evidence and demonstrates results that are setting trends in aesthetic treatments.

Therefore, our development department, together with a multidisciplinary team of professionals continues to search for new active ingredients that help us to achieve visible and genuine results, while improving the quality of life of our clients.



Transdermal system contains medicines whose active ingredients penetrate the corneous layer in the deeper layers of the skin. Ingredients go deep in the skin without damaging it, with fast effect and results.




Designed to provide daily care that our skin deserves. Effective in the prevention and treatment of ageing signs such as hyper-pigmentation, dehydration, sagging, loss of gloss, wrinkles, etc. The unique combination of active ingredients at optimal concentrations achieves maximum synergistic effects.




Line of professional products that rejuvenate the skin layer by controlled chemical abrasion of the skin at the level of the epidermis. This cell renewal improves skin damaged over time, photo-aging, and improves other skin changes such as hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and scars.