To restore proper level of skin hydration and improve its elasticity and firmness, Laboratoires VIVACY® took what’s best in hyaluronic acid and antioxidants and created STYLAGE® Hydro. Top quality hyaluronic acid gel (natural, safe, pure, biodegradable) in combination with mannitol, a natural biocompatible antioxidant, help make your skin look healthy and glowing again.


STYLAGE® Hydro treatment employs multiple, minor injections into the skin surface (mesotherapy).


Moisturizing  plus extra age defense


Hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin, is supposed to retain water in the epidermis, making the skin look fresh and young. Factors such as age, stress, improper diet, smoking, sun exposure, frost, wind, hormonal imbalance and many other make the skin lose its natural hyaluronic acid, causing it to become less firm and elastic. Skin gradually becomes thinner, dry and fine lines can be seen on its surface.


Hyaluronic acid + antioxidant


The procedure is painless and to achieve best effect it should involve four treatments administered in one-week intervals. Results are immediate without professional activity break. Therapy is always contingent upon patient’s initial skin condition. That is why the doctor should establish a STYLAGE® Hydro plan tailored to individual needs.


StylAge Hydro treatment recommended by doctors around the world to individuals:


  • who spend a lot of time in the sun
  • exposed to stress and spending a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms
  • suffering from dry skin discomfort
  • prone to hormonal imbalance
  • after dermabrasion
  • keeping beautiful skin – as a preventive treatmen every 6 months


Contraindications, recommendations and precautions for the treatment : ask your doctor for more information and medical advice.


User impressions:


Helen, 37

“A friend of mine recommended mesotherapy to me. I have always had dry skin. Sun exposure and being on the run all the time caused fine lines on my skin. Moisturizers, even the ones offered by top recommended brands, could not solve my problem. The STYLAGE® Hydro treatment was a very nice surprise. Only after the first session, I could feel that my skin was hydrated from the inside. From one week to another it became smoother and firmer. It simply felt nice! Even my favorite moisturizer started to work better.

I will definitely repeat the treatment as soon as I feel that my skin is getting dry again.”