The STYLAGE® line guarantees a very natural correction effect, reducing the discomfort experienced by the patient during the procedure to the minimum, with immediate filling AND smoothing effect for a duration of about 1 year.


HOW DEEP are your wrinkles?

As you get older your skin loses its natural elasticity and you may notice first wrinkles on its surface. With time wrinkles get deeper and turn into unaesthetic lines. Your face starts to look tired and not very attractive. Now you can put an end to this process! The STYLAGE® line contains products tailored to each type of wrinkle treatment.


Regardless of the type of treatment, your doctor will be able to recommend a product from the STYLAGE® line (size S, M or L) that suits you the most. The advanced IPN-Like technology, combining cross-linked  hyaluronic acid and
a natural antioxidant (mannitol), made it possible for VIVACY® to develop a product that is characterized by extraordinary elasticity and allows achieving a very natural effect.

Hyaluronic acid gel fills the wrinkles and smooths out skin surface, mannitol optimizes the results.

Indeed, mannitol, an antioxidant found naturally in fruitsand vegetables, reduces negative effects of free radicals and so protects the filler from degradation.


The STYLAGE line is recommended by doctors around the world for:



Contraindications, recommendations and precautions for the treatment : ask your doctor for more information and medical advice.

  • correcting medium and deep lines
  • correcting first wrinkles
  • correcting eye area and dark rings under the eyes
  • smoothing wrinkles, fripped skin area


Usage impressions:


Anna, age 42:

My face looked tired, even after a holiday break. Wrinkles around my lips and under my eyes made me feel unattractive. My doctor recommended STYLAGE® because I wanted the correction to be natural. I wanted my face to look healthy and glowing again. The procedure was painless and the effect was visible right away. I wasn’t even swollen afterwards andI could go back to work the same day. I was very pleased with the procedure and after a week I looked even better! The doctor explained to me that during a few days after the procedure STYLAGE® adjusts to body temperature and attracts water, which enables achieving optimum effects.


Now my face looks much younger and I feel much better.”