STYLAGE® XL is a combination of crosslinked hya-luronic acid and an antioxidant (mannitol), thanks to which the end result of volumetric treatment is natural. Mannitol, an antioxidant found naturally in fruits and vegetables, reduces negative effects of free radicals, protecting the filler from degradation and ensuring a longer-lasting effect of the treatment.


As you get older your skin loses its natural volume


As we get older, not only wrinkles make our face look less attractive. The face loses its natural volume and its contour is less defined. Facial features become sharper and the ovalof our face loses its shape. Moreover, individuals on a diet may notice that their cheeks and temples have become
unattractively hollow.


To give the face attractive volume, Laboratories VIVACY® has developed STYLAGE® XL.


It takes only one simple procedure to restore youthful contour and attractiveness to your face.


A beautiful and attractive face is a matter of proportions set by the golden ratio principle. STYLAGE® XL helps achieve harmonious beauty to your facial features and restore youthful facial volume to your face



STYLAGE® XL is recommended by doctors around the world for:


  •  volumetric lifting
  • adding volume to cheek bones
  • face contour treatment
  • hollow temples treatment

Contraindications, recommendations and precautions for the treatment : ask your doctor for more information and medical advice.




Aleksandra, 42


“From year to year my face started to lose its volume. Hollow cheeks made me look unattractive and old. The oval of my face needed some correction. Together with my doctor I decided I would give STYLAGE® XL a try. The whole procedure took less than 15 minutes and the effects were visible right away. My face looked healthy and attractive again. The contour of my face was better defined, the eye area no longer gave me a sad look and wrinkles around my nose and lips seemed smaller. With just little make-up on the hematoma around the injection points, I went back to work right after the procedure.


Nobody could tell what had really changed but everybody told me I looked better, that I’m finally well rested.”