STYLAGE® Lips is a filler containing crosslinked hyaluronic acid and a natural antioxidant (mannitol), thanks to which it is possible to achieve an instant and very natural correction effect that lasts from 9 to 12 months. Injection of STYLAGE® Lips will give your lips proper hydration and natural glow. The procedure takes less than a coffee break and is painless when performed with a local anesthesia.


Sensual lips in one treatment? Naturally!


STYLAGE® Lips will bring out the sensuality of your lips and revitalize their color in just one treatment. Redefinig contours and volume to your lips will smooth out fine lines above the upper lip and give your skin youthful glow.


Your lips age…


As you get older your skin loses its natural hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for retaining proper level of hydration in the skin. Your lips also lose their natural hyaluronic acid and gradually become drier, with first wrinkles being visible on their contour.


Ask your doctor about STYLAGE® Lips and make an appointment for individual lip treatment.


StylAge Lips is recommended by doctors all around the world for:


  •  adding volume to lips
  • correcting disproportions between the upper lip and lower lip
  • defining lip contour
  • filling fine lines above the upper lip
  • correcting lip shape
  • restoring lip hydration


Contraindications, recommendations and precautions
for the treatment : ask your doctor for more
information and medical advice.


USER impressions:


Julija, 34

“My lips have always been full and I didn’t want to make them too big. My doctor recommended STYLAGE® Lips – a treatment that was supposed to allow  the most natural effect and make my lips look younger. The procedure was practically painless because I had a local anesthesia preinjection. The first thing me and my doctor did was specify the end effect that we could achieve, considering the natural shape of my lips. I decided that I wanted to improve their contour and enhance them. The whole procedure lasted maybe 15 minutes. My lips were swollen for a few hours after the procedure, just like after a dental visit. But that didn’t last long.


Thanks to STYLAGE® Lips my lips are more beautiful than ever.”