Skin rejuvenation treatment with growth factors from plasma (PRP) in combination with hyaluronic fillers, is a nonsurgical treatment that slows down the aging process and significantly increases the quality of the skin.


"Dracula treatment"

PRP uses your own tissue to improve the texture and skin tone and visibly softens wrinkles and marks on the skin such as acne scars. Bearing in mind the autologous nature of this treatment, there is no risk of any immunological or allergic reactions or the transmission of disease via the bloodstream.


The treatment is performed by using sterile, prepackaged blood which is taken out of the test tube. At no time the blood comes into contact with air from the environment so as to prevent any contamination of the sample. Plasma separated from the blood elements is then centrifuged - it is the only part taken for rejuvenation treatment. A part of plasma obtained in this way is taken for skin rejuvenation of certain regions, and another part for the preparation of fillers used to fill deep wrinkles. The injection process takes 8-15 minutes depending on the region. Due to the use of your own blood, this worldwide popular treatment is colloquially referred to as "Dracula's treatment." PRP is the most natural solution for the renewal of all the structures of the skin because it stimulates the resynthesis of collagen and enhances blood flow in the treated zones, resulting in a renewed, healthier and more radiant skin.


In combination with the hyaluronic fillers treatment, PRP gives amazing results


Hyaluronic fillers consist of a pure crystal hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is safe and natural substance. It is found naturally in the human body, and 50% of its total amount is present in the skin. It is a substance in the form of a gel, which plays the role of support for the collagen fibers of the skin and other factors. Hyaluronic acid, during the natural aging process, is absorbed with time. The purpose of fillers treatment is to compensate the amount of hyaluronic acid, which is resorbed over time. Fillers are, in fact, the hyaluronic acid in form of gel that is injected into the skin. In this way, where necessary, we compensate our own natural materials which we have lost over the years.


This treatment is extremely popular because it achieves a completely natural feeling and youthful appearance of the face. In addition, the filters are safe and non-surgical treatment that reduces scarring of the skin by supplementing the damaged collagen structure under the skin. Hyaluronic fillers are applied on different skin types and a choice of treatments for wrinkles removal is determined during the consultation with the doctor. The treatment consists of the following steps: hyaluronic fillers are injected directly into the skin in small amounts, by using thin, fine needles. To achieve your maximum comfort, local anesthesia is applied. The treatment is simple, safe and painless, lasting 10 to 30 minutes. Results are visible immediately after the treatment. The effect of tension, vigor and hydration is achieved. After the treatment redness or mild swelling can appear, lasting less than 7 days. During this time avoid sunbathing and exposure to very cold air.




The combination of PRP treatment and hyaluronic fillers treatment achieves the results we could not even imagine until recently. With the expert supervision of the team of doctors at the center Medica Aesthetica the treatments are combined individually and separately, adjusting to the skin type of each patient.



• fill the naso-labial wrinkles

• Improve marionette lines

• increase the cheekbones

• fill cheeks

• correct the nose

• fill wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows

• fill wrinkles on the neck

• fill wrinkles in the cleavage between the breasts

• fill in fine lines around the eyes, so called. "Crow feet"

• regenerate hands

• magnify lips

• emphasize the edges of the lips

• fill in fine lines above the upper lip

• fill in the wrinkles under the lower lip

• rejuvenate the earlobe

• tighten the jaw line

• tighten the double chin

• fill acne scars

• tighten the chin skin

• raise eyebrows and tighten temples region

• tighten the ear lobe