Cavitation and mesocavitation


This revolutionary method uses the device to transfer mesotherapy medication into the dermis along with simultaneous
performance of cavitation.

Meso cavitation enables the transfer of active substances from the surface of the skin to the depth of 4mm by reversible change of permeable channels of the cell. Penetration of substances is 400 times deeper than penetration of cosmetic preparations that are applied by rubbing into the skin. In this way skin can directly avail the necessary substances for cellulite removal and tightening, while cavitation eliminates localized fat deposits. Advantage of meso cavitation is that with one treatment we achieve triple effect: elimination of cellulite, tightened skin, and loss of fat deposits.

Meso cavitation is a very pleasant procedure and you will not experience any discomfort during treatment. After the treatment the patient may return to regular daily activities. Parameters used in meso cavitation are adaptable so that they are adjusted for each individual patient.

Each treatment lasts 40 minutes and most frequently a series of 5 to 10 treatments are needed. Effects can be observed most often after 2 or 3 treatments but results depend on severity and state of cellulite, skin slackness, or quantity of fat deposits.