Mesotherapy treatment that achieved outstanding results in the fight against skin aging. Beauty is not a luxury - Put the luxury at the service of your beauty.


Aesthetic-educational Center Medica Aesthetica, brings to our market one of the most luxurious anti-age treatments that you can afford. Treatment "Hollywood glow" is widely used among the movie stars before important events, and this is how it acquired its name. It is an ideal way to fight skin aging and has a maximum regenerative effect. "Hollywood glow" nourishes and hydrates the skin, thus achieving instant and long lasting shine effect. The skin acquires radiant shine, and leaves an impression of freshness, health and youthfulness.


If you are looking for a face care, you should give it the best that medicine has to offer. You will discover that the bright lights of Hollywood would not be so magical if there was not a treatment after which the stars look like coming straight from your dreams.