Hyaluronic fillers

How do hialuron fillers work?


Haluron fillers consist of pure crystal hialuron acid. Hialuron acid is a safe and natural substance. It is innate to human body, and 50% of its total quantity lies in the skin. It is a gel-like substance whose role is to support collagen fibers and other components of the skin. Hialuron acid is absorbed with time in the natural ageing process. The essence of hialuron-filler- treatment is to compensate for the quantity of hialuron acid that had been reabsorbed with time. Fillers are actually hialuron acid in the form of gel injected into the skin. Thus, wherever necessary, we compensate for our own matter that had been lost with the passage of time.



Are hialuron fillers the right choice for me?


Hialuron fillers are the best solution for those who wish to eliminate fine lines or deep wrinkles from the face without an operation. They are the right choice for both men and women who wish to resist ageing. Fillers give a completely natural sensation and a youthful appearance of the face, which is the main cause of their extreme popularity worldwide. Fillers also represent a safe non-surgical treatment that smoothes facial scars complementing the damaged collagen structure below skin. Hialuron fillers can be applied to different types of skin. The selection of treatment for wrinkle-elimination will be assessed during the consultation with the doctor.



What can be expected during wrinkle treatment with hialuron acid and what does the treatment look like?


Hialuron fillers are injected directly into the skin in small quantities using fine thin needles. Local anesthesia is applied in order to achieve maximum comfort. The treatment is simple, safe, and painless, and lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. Results can be seen immediately after the treatment. There is an effect of tightness, vigor, and hydration. The filler fills in the volume of skin folds so that wrinkles disappear completely. The skin becomes smooth, youthful structure of the face is recovered, which makes you feel younger and more comfortable. Experience suggests that some patients have an unpleasant feeling on the spot of injection that goes on for several days after filling in the wrinkles. After the treatment there may be a slight redness or a mild swelling that lasts less than a week. Sunbathing and exposure to very cold weather should be avoided for the duration of redness and swelling.



Hialuron fillers may:


  • fill in nasal-labial lines
  • improve marionettes
  • enlarge cheekbones
  • fill in cheeks
  • correct nose
  • raise the tip of the nose
  • fill in the lines on the forehead and between eyebrows
  • fill in neck lines
  • fill in décolletage lines, between breasts
  • fill in lines around eyes, the so called "crow feet"
  • regenerate hands
  • enlarge lips
  • emphasize lip contours
  • fill in lines above upper lip
  • fill in lines under lower lip
  • rejuvenate earlobes
  • tighten the jaw line
  • tighten the double chin
  • fill in acne scars
  • tighten the skin of the chin
  • raise eyebrows and tighten region of temples