Laser epilation



Every one of us has at one time been in a situation requiring smooth and soft skin. Then we torture ourselves with the question: "How do I get rid of these boring hairs?"


There are many ways to do that, from epilator, waxing, razors, and chemical depilation. These are the simplest and cheapest methods but also ones most heaped with problems. The effect of these methods is not permanent, after each treatment hairs are stronger, they often grown into the skin, which leads to folliculitis.


Additionally, the use of chemical depilation may lead to allergic reactions of the skin. This is a well known situation to many, isn´t it? Permanent removal of hairs can only be achieved by destroying the hair´s follicles, that is, by laser depilation. Laser depilation is the most efficient, completely safe method for removal of unwanted hairs, and simultaneously the method with permanent results. .


What is the essence of laser depilation and what are its advantages?

During laser depilation the laser light emitted is absorbed by the pigment situated in the root of the hair and the follicle; the light energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the root of the hair and the follicle. In this way laser beam acts selectively and affects the structure of the hair without damaging the surrounding skin.


What are the main advantages of laser depilation?


  • Permanent effect after depilation treatment has been completed;
  • Reduced possibility of irritation, allergic reactions or infective folliculitis;
  • Laser beam contributes to faster and more efficient impact on existing inflammatory processes;
  • There is no possibility of skin reaction related to stimulated growth of hair;
  • There are no undesirable reactions in the treated skin area.



Who is this type of treatment suitable for?


Men and women with all types of skin.



Which areas can be treated?


All areas of the body may be treated with laser depilation – there are practically no restrictions as to the areas to be treated.



How many treatments should there be?


Number of treatments is individual and depends on numerous factors: structure of the hair, the area treated, age, hormone status, use of medication, etc. It usually takes about seven treatments for body areas and about ten for facial areas. If hormone status is stable, a good cosmetic effect of depilation lasts from several months to several years.



Why are multiple treatments necessary?


There are three different stages in hair growth. During the first – active stage, the root of the hair, which is formed into follicle, is in the process of growth. During the second – stage of quiescence, the hair is in stable condition. In the third stage – which is the stage of shedding, the root of the hair does not exist, and follicle is a group of cells stuck together. Laser light permanently destroys hairs that are in active stage of development during the treatment. This comes up to 10-15% of all hairs in the treated area. The growth of other hairs is just delayed but they are not permanently destroyed. That is why one treatment can not provide permanent effect, multiple treatments are needed.



What is the time interval between treatments?


Treatments of laser depilation are performed in intervals of three to five weeks (once a month on average) with breaks between treatments.



Do hairs stop growing permanently after this treatment?


There is no depilation that could be done once and would last forever. After the laser treatment only hairs in active stage of growth are destroyed but there are still cells in rudimentary stage in our skin, which enable new growth and development of hairs in another time period. Hairs on the skin are in a constant process of regeneration.



How long does a laser treatment last?


Duration of treatment highly depends on the area treated. Extremely strong lasers can perform at higher frequency of emitted impulses, which shortens the duration of treatment and saves time for the patient. For example, depilation of chin or armpit lasts about 5 to 10 minutes, bikini zone is 20 to 30 minutes on average, and whole legs about an hour and a half.



What can be expected from a laser treatment?


Hairs do not fall off right after the treatment. Falling off is visible in 10 to 14 days after depilation. Part of hair bulbus dies out and other parts atrophy after the first treatment. This can clearly be observed through reduced number of hair roots, slowed down growth and falling out.



How should the area for depilation be prepared?


Hairs should not be waxed or otherwise mechanically removed two to three weeks prior to laser treatment. However, just before the treatment hairs should be removed with a razor, epi-crème or cut close to the skin. This is necessary in order to reduce the sensation of discomfort during treatment.



What are the sensations during treatment?


Treatments are fast and practically painless. An important advantage of Dermamedica laser centre is a cooling system which prevents heating of the skin thus significantly reducing the sensation of pain during treatment. After the treatment mild redness is noticeable, however it disappears in 5 to 10 minutes later.



Are additional cosmetic preparations necessary?


With the utilization of modern laser devices that we use in Dermamedica there is no need for the additional use of crème or any other cosmetic preparations that would only raise the price of treatment. It is also necessary to bear in mind that the skin is not damaged regardless the area treated.



Which laser depilation devices are there?


In Dermamedica laser centers we work with lasers of the latest generation – Fotona Nd:YAG and Q-switched lasers. Each one of these laser systems has its own advantages and application depending on the type of hairs.



What is the typical feature of Nd: YAG laser in laser depilation?


  • Extraordinary good results for dark and thick hairs;
  • Wavelength of 1064 nm;
  • Skin can be exposed to sun 24 hours after the treatment;
  • It can be performed at any season of the year.



How do we estimate which laser to use?


After a thorough consultation with our doctors estimation is made as to which laser should be used for effective treatment since all patients are individuals with their own personal characteristics.