Removal of blod vessels



What are the changes in skin blood vessels?


Changes in skin blood vessels are small capillary or vein networks on the nose, cheeks, and chin, and also malformations of blood vessels in lower limbs and other parts of the body with a clear differentiation between sub-dermal and intra-dermal veins, red and bluish capillary networks.



What are the causes of such changes in skin?


These are usually hereditary predispositions, diseases of cardio-vascular system, consequences of trauma or of surgery. Besides the previous consequences mentioned, varicose diseases occurring during pregnancy and birth represent the main factors for occurrence of changes in blood vessels in the foot skin.



What are current methods for removal of blood vessels?


Traditional methods are limited to the use of electro-coagulation procedures, sclerotherapy and surgical removal of veins and other blood vessels. All these methods have serial essential deficiencies such as occurrence of hyper pigmentation, hypo pigmentation (no skin pigment), or allergic reactions to injected medication during sclerotherapy.

The most effective procedure for treating blood vessels is enabled by Nd: YAG lasers. Emission from this type of lasers enables efficient treatment of enlarged capillaries, stellate hemangiomas, and small dermal venous networks, without damaging other structures.



What is the procedure of removal of blood vessels by laser?


Therapeutical effect of lasers is based on the unique characteristic of laser beam to inter-react with the treated tissue. With laser removal of non-esthetic blood vessels, with the use of unique technology of 1064nm Nd: YAG laser, light impulses are emitted whose energy is absorbed by hemoglobin in blood. Energy is transformed into heat, which leads to blood coagulation and specific "sealing off" of unwanted blood vessels. This result in removal of blood vessels and circulation is redirected to veins deep under the surface of the skin.



Which blood vessels can be treated with Nd: YAG laser?


These are separated or net-like capillaries of the body or face, visible to naked eye, spider-like veins of 1.5 mm diameter, veins in the legs of 1-3 mm diameter, innate or acquired hemangiomas, etc.



What is the sensation during treatment like?


Most often patients describe the sensation as mild needle piercing. Special cooling system reduces unpleasant sensation and prevents heating of healthy skin.



How long does the treatment last?


Duration of treatment depends on the number and thickness of blood vessels treated. For example, in case of stellate hemangiomas the treatment lasts several seconds. This is not the case with the treatment of a larger number of capillaries in lower limbs, which takes longer.



How many treatments is needed?


Number of treatments depends on type, color, configuration, and number of blood vessels. Often two treatments are enough to achieve results with the second treatment being performed 3 to 4 weeks after the first one at the latest. In cases of multiple blood vessels forming capillary network, it is possible that more than two treatments will be needed. However, visible reduction in capillaries is visible after each individual treatment.



When are treatment results visible?


Every person has individual characteristics. With treatments of usual cases of individual blood vessels (for example, on the nostril) or those of stellate shape, blood vessels disappear in the period of 2 to 3 weeks. With larger numbers of blood vessels the result comes after each subsequent treatment.



Are there consequences to this treatment?


Right after the procedure there is mild redness with a slight swelling at the treated zone for a day or two. Blood vessel itself darkens after the treatment and is reabsorbed from the organism in 2 to 3 or 4 weeks, and then it disappears. Crème with sun protection factor must be used after the treatment, especially during warmer periods of the year in order to avoid hyper-pigmentation. Corrective makeup can be applied to the treated area.



Do blood vessels and stellate structures reappear?


Treated blood vessels do not reappear unless there is predisposition where a new blood vessel may appear around the treated area. These blood vessels can also be treated.