Removal of strech marks and acne scars


Stretch marks present linear atrophies of skin; they are easily recognizable, pinkish or whitish rugous lines on some parts of our bodies. They can occur at any body part, but most often on thighs, stomach, back, hands, or chest. They occur due to fast stretching of the skin which usually appears because of rapid growth, overweight, or in pregnancy. They are more frequent with women. About 60 to 70% of females and 40 to 50% of males have stretch marks. No other method used so far has had such a strong effect as Er: YAG laser. Elimination of stretch marks by laser gives results in only several days after the treatment.


Treatment lasts about half an hour and can be repeated up to 6 times; interval between two treatments is about 4 to 6 weeks. In the period between two treatments we do not recommend exposure to sun of the treated area.


Er: YAG laser represents the LASER OF THE LATEST GENERATION which successfully removes stretch marks.It is the gold standard for ablative and minimum-ablative procedures in the world.


Laser beam achieves a maximum accuracy when removing the surface part of damaged layer of skin, while it simultaneously stimulates deeper layers of dermis so that the treated skin synthesizes completely new collagen fibers. Laser beam affects collagen fibers and fiberplast in sub-dermis causing their stimulation and proliferation. Stimulated fiberplast start the production of new collagen in seven days, which peaks on the 21st  day, and the full effect of collagen production stimulation occurs in 3 months.


Results are perfect – stretch marks are eliminated and treated area is simultaneously tightened. The skin is then smooth, elastic, and vigorous. Er: YAG laser therapy is safe, efficient, painless, and the best therapy to remove stretch marks – absolute hit in the world.


Er: YAG laser can also achieve fantastic results in the following situations:


  • wrinkles are partially or completely removed;
  • texture and tonus of facial skin are improved, which makes skin look younger, lush, and more elastic;
  • the effect of a face lift is achieved and the need for a likely surgical face lift delayed;
  • treatment of neck, décolletage, and upper arms is enabled;
  • epithermal spots are removed from the face, neck and upper arms;
  • acne scars are removed or lessened;
  • enlarged pores are reduced;
  • stretch marks are removed from all parts of the body;
  • scars of any etiology are removed;
  • improvement of complexion in the treated areas is enabled.