The word MESOTHERAPY originates in Greek words mesos, which means middle, and terapeia (θεραπεία), that is, medical treatment. Mesotherapy originated in France in 1952 and was developed by Dr Michael Pistor. Dr Pistor aimed to inject a small quantity of medication, only few times, exactly into the appropriate spot. The procedure was officially recognized by the French “Académie de Medecine" in 1987 and put on the list of medical procedures financed by the healthcare system of France.

Mesotherapy can be:


  • invasive with the use of needles
  • non-invasive – mesoporation

Mesotherapy is a medical procedure in which very small quantities of pharmaceutical products – vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are injected into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin). We can achieve different results depending on what active materials we are using. Active matter may be injected into skin with thin needles or it may be inserted by a device. Cocktails are composed according to strictly defined and world-widely recognized protocols, taking into account the condition treated, the spot, and the effect that we want to achieve. This means that a special choice of cocktails is prepared for each client together with a schedule of treatment, and it depends on the opinion of the doctor. The opinion is formed after extensive conversation and insight into the case history. Mesotherapy can be applied to the face, neck, décolletage, hands, and all other areas of the body. The procedure includes multiple micro-injections in localized areas to achieve maximum results. It is necessary to inject small quantities of clearly defined active substances into localized areas. The procedure lasts 20 to 30 minutes with minimal discomfort.

Mesotherapy is non-surgical alternative for slimming and reshaping of the body (body sculpting). The procedure has been proved successful also for rejuvenating face and neck, as well as for certain types of hair loss. Mesotherapy is a safe and successful method, which has been applied in many countries of Europe and USA for years.

Mesotherapy – application to body

  •  to treat cellulite (all of the four stages);
  • to tighten stomach skin, around knees, double chin, upper arms, thighs (especially inner thighs)

Mesotherapy – application to face, neck, décolletage, and hands

  • to regenerate and revitalize skin of the face, neck, décolletage, and hands to make it glittering, vigorous, elastic and smooth;
  • to achieve deep bio-revitalization for filling in fine lines of the face, neck, décolletage, and hands

Mesotherapy – to prevent hair loss both for men and women.
Results are fantastic.

Effects of mesotherapy are local and systematic and they contribute to general improvement of condition of the organism and to rejuvenation.


What can be expected during mesotherapy treatment and what is treatment like?


After an extensive conversation, overview of case history, lab results analysis, and thorough medical examination, we go forward with executing a planned and adjusted program of treatment. Problematic areas of the body are clearly defined and marked. They are then disinfected and coated in local anesthetic. After ten minutes we start injecting the cocktail with accurately determined quantity into specific skin depth.








What is lipolysis?


Every day we are witnesses of the rising number of obese people. There are those who succeed in adopting correct dietary-hygienic regimes of nutrition, whose wish to be healthy, beautiful, and slim is strong enough to make them reach the desired goal, that is, who succeed in bringing their weight to the ideal one. However, frequently we are witnesses of situations where loss weight is achieved and desired weight reached, but fat deposits remain in critical areas ruining the ideal of harmonized, irresistible figure. The most frequent problem in female population is hips, thighs, stomach, and arms. With male population the most critical area is stomach in the largest number of cases. Great stomach volume (it is not just a problem of esthetics but also a health issue as it is directly linked to high health risk) is in direct proportion to the risk of cardio-vascular diseases occurrence.



How does lipolysis treatment look like?


Lipolytic cocktail is inserted into the fat tissue by thin needles. It then melts fat deposits during one month. There are a mild redness and itching sensation at the puncture spot for a day or two. There can also be a bruise which goes away in a couple of days. During the month that follows the injection of lipolytic cocktail it is necessary for the patient to persevere with healthy food and not to consume alcohol.



How does lipolysis work and what results can I expect?


Lipolysis can also be called "non-surgical liposuction" as it affects locally in a similar way like surgery – it removes local problem, that is, removes local fat deposits. Thus, through a series of treatments, between 2 and 6, an effect of shedding off of fat deposits from the desired area is obtained due to substances which destruct fat cells. This means that lipolysis reduces the number of fat cells, which is extremely significant as there is no yo-yo effect of kilograms piling back. It should be stressed that an ordinary slimming diet without lipolysis there is no reduction in the number of cells; they are merely shrinking while we lose weight, that is, they "deflate", and we all know well how easy it is to "inflate" them again. In one month the circumference can be reduced by 5 to 10 cm. Lipolysis treatment is repeated at 2 to 6 weeks, 2 to 6 times.


What is inserted into fat tissue and are there negative effects?


Active substances are injected directly into the fat tissue; they create synergy to melt fat deposits in the following way:


  • Melt the wall of fat cell and free fatty drops (fatty acid);
  • Hydrolyze fatty acids and make them soluble in liquid environment;
  • Fatty acids out of fatty cells are the signal that macrophages (cleaners of our organisms)quickly reach the area and take away fatty acids into the liver to be further metabolized.


Counter-indications for lipolysis application are pregnancy, breast-feeding, active malign and auto-immune diseases, and infective conditions.
There is a thorough examination before the treatment and a conversation with the patient in order to make individually structured regime of treatment and to achieve the best results.