Stretch marks are linear atrophy of the skin, easily recognizable by pink or white color, shriveled lines on certain parts of our body. They can occur on any part of the body, most often the thighs, abdomen, back, arms or chest. They are caused by the rapid stretching of the skin which usually happens due to rapid growth, overweight or pregnant. They occur more often in females. Approximately 60-70% in females and 40-50% in males.


So far stretch marks have been almost insoluble problem in medicine. However, nowadays, treating stretch marks by a single method or a combination of different methods can achieve satisfactory results. The treatments that we offer in the aesthetic-educational center Medica Aesthetica for the treatment of these complex issues are multidisciplinary and the results are permanent. In our center, we offer many different treatments of stretch marks:


• Chemical peel • fractionated laser therapy • collagen induction therapy (using dermaroller) • Mesotherapy • PRP - growth factors from platelets rich plasma.




One of the ways in which stretch marks can be treated is to use a chemical peel. Chemical peel is a therapeutic procedure with a very wide range of indications. Chemical peel activates cell migration and accelerates the reconstruction of the dermis and epidermis tissue, activates microcirculation, providing crucial micronutrients for the affected areas. INNO-EXFO range of products was made after extensive testing of ingredients in order to obtain the appropriate combination for the treatment of stretch marks. Professional use of the product causes controlled chemical damage of the superficial layer of the skin, leading to complete regeneration of the upper layer of the skin.


Chemical peel we recommend comes from INNOAESTHETICS laboratories INNO-EXFO TC Age which causes a controlled chemical microexfoliation based on TCA and salicylic acid. Microexfoliation stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and accelerates skin regeneration. The treatment lasts for 20 - 30 minutes, during which the patient is exposed to minimal discomfort. After the treatment, some redness appears on the treated area which subsides within a few hours. During the period of 2 to 3 days after the treatment exfoliation of the treated region is expected. The time required between treatments is 2 to 3 weeks. It is necessary to repeat the treatment 3 times. In the period between treatments it is recommended to use UV protection.


Fractionated laser removal of stretch marks


Another way in which stretch marks can be treated is with a laser. Fractionated laser technology with Er: YAG laser enables removal of stretch marks and at the same time achieves lifting effect and removes shallow wrinkles.


A laser beam with a maximum precision removes the damaged superficial layer of the skin, and simultaneously performs the stimulation of deeper layers of the dermis and causes the synthesis of entirely new collagen fibers in the treated skin. The laser beam in the skin targets the collagen fibers and fibroblasts, causing their stimulation and proliferation. The stimulated fibroblasts begin the production of new collagen in 7 days. The climax is reached within 21 days, and the full effect of the stimulation of collagen production is achieved in 3 months.


The treatment with Er: YAG laser is a minimally invasive method, and during the treatment only a slight tingling sensation san be felt. It creates microscopic lesions in the skin, and results in a restoration of the skin surface and stimulation of the synthesis of new collagen in the deeper layers. The treatment lasts 30-60 minutes and is followed by more or less intense redness, which is temporary and subsides in the next 24 hours. After the treatment the doctor applies a mask with growth factors or antibiotic ointment on the skin and gives advice to the patient for further home care. For the best results it is recommended to undergo 4 to 6 treatments at intervals suggested by the doctor. In the period between the two treatments sunlight exposure of the treated area is not recommended.

The results are perfect – it leads to elimination of stretch marks while tightening the treated area. Afterwards, the skin looks smooth, elastic and healthy. Er: YAG laser therapy is safe, effective, painless and the best therapy for removing stretch marks - an absolute hit in the world.




Another form of treatment of stretch marks that we offer in the aesthetic-educational center Medica Aesthetica is treating stretch marks with collagen induction therapy using dermaroller.


Dermaroller is a revolutionary medical device that uses micro punctures making way for the insertion of the active substances and stimulating cell proliferation. The cell reproduction results in the formation of new layers of elastic and fibrous fibers and the creation of new capillaries, i.e. better nourishment of tissues. Dermaroller is specifically designed to accelerate the regeneration of collagen synthesis. Dermaroller stimulates proliferation of collagen in the fibroblasts, the cells that are responsible for production of substances necessary to the healing process of the skin and thus fosters the natural self-healing processes of the skin. While this is a very complex process in our body, it is easy to understand. Our body reacts to the penetration of micro-needles as it would react to any skin damage. The penetration of professional micro-needles sends information to the nerve receptors that there has been an injury on the skin. Since the micro-needles are very small they do not cause the actual tissue damage, but the nerves still send electrical impulses to start the healing process and thus increase production of collagen and elastin. The task of fibroblasts is to "migrate" to the point necessary to "heal the injury." The new, multi-reinforced structure of collagen thickens the skin and fills existing atrophic scars. This reaction of the body is called neocollagenesis.


This procedure also stimulates the endothelial cells that cover our blood vessels, especially capillaries, so the skin becomes better supplied with blood, nutrients and oxygen. This body reaction is called neoangiogenesis.


For the purposes of treating stretch marks we recommend using dermaroller with 1.5 mm long needles in combination with INNO-EXFO Refresh mask rich with epidermal growth factors, hyaluronic acid and other nutrients. It is necessary to apply the mask using gentle massage in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed. This treatment of stretch marks operates at two levels, collagen induction and restoration of the epidermis with nutrients. After the treatment the doctor gives advice about home care, depending on the skin type of the patient.


Dermaroller therapy is a sophisticated microsurgery procedure that stimulates natural and safe regeneration and repair of the skin. A new dermaroller is used for each patient. It is not allowed to use the same dermaroller for more patients. The treatment is not painful because it uses a local anesthetic. Immediately after the treatment certain redness of the treated region is expected, which disappears in 1 - 2 hours. It is not necessary to postpone business and social appointments and commitments after this treatment.





Stretch marks, besides the abovementioned treatments, can be treated with mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a medical procedure in which very small amounts of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are injected into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin). Depending on the active substance used, different results can be achieved. The active substances can be injected into the skin with thin needles or by using a device. The content of the cocktails is determined by the strict and internationally recognized protocols, taking into account the condition being treated, area and effect to be achieved. This means that for each client the special selection of cocktails and treatment plan is prepared, which depends on the opinions formed by doctors after extensive interviews and insights into the health history of the client.


In this method fine needles are used to open the way for the entry of nutrients from mesotherapy cocktails that foster regeneration. The preparation that we recommend is from INNOAESTHETICS line, INNO-TDS Tracer, which contains oligo elements such as silicon, magnesium, manganese, zinc and copper. Cocktail acts in a way that normalizes and improves cellular metabolism and simultaneously increases the antioxidant capacity of cells. Mesotherapeutic cocktail injected in this combination strongly stimulates the connective tissue cells of the skin to produce collagen and elastin, essential support fibers.

The process involves multiple microinjections in localized areas in order to achieve maximum results. It is necessary to inject a small amount of precisely defined active substances in the localized area. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes with minimal discomfort. The treatment is necessary to be repeated every seven days, 5 to 6 times individually or in combination with any of the abovementioned therapeutic methods. After the treatment the doctor gives advice on further home care.




Nowadays there are many ways to treat stretch marks. However, new medical procedures such as PRP (plasma-derived growth factors) lead to elimination of stretch marks in high percentage.


PRP is a procedure that involves taking blood from peripheral veins and concentrating platelets by using centrifugation method. The treatment procedure involves injecting growth factors rich plasma in the region of skin with stretch marks which provokes the motion of regeneration cascades and healing process. After the injection, it is preferable to put PRP over the entire region. The release of growth factors at the site of injection leads to increased production of collagen. This procedure allows the healing of stretch marks on both sides, internally by stimulating the production of collagen within, and externally by topical mask rich in growth factors from plasma.


PRP works on the stretch mark through the "healing cascades" based on the process of tissue remodeling. The tissue trauma leads to release of signaling molecules that begin the process of repair and regeneration. These signaling molecules are produced by platelets, white blood cells and mesenchymal or "adult" stem cells that can be found in the peripheral blood. Growth factors contained in signaling molecules concentrated in platelet rich plasma stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.


The method itself is minimally invasive, and for the greater comfort of the patient local anesthetic is used and applied topically to the treated region. The effect can be expected only 10 days after the treatment while the full effect manifests after 6 weeks. The treatment must be repeated at least 3 times a month. Outstanding effects in the treatment of stretch marks can be achieved by combining PRP with collagen induction therapy with dermaroller. Each of these methods leads to improvement and reduction of the visibility of stretch marks, but the best effect is achieved by a combination of several methods. Treatments are not recommended for people suffering from skin cancer, herpes simplex, who received chemotherapy, skin radiotherapy and people being treated with corticosteroids or susceptible to keloids.